MRI Analysis

The blood-brain barrier (BBB) is composed of a variety of cell types, that function in concert to regulate the interface between the peripheral circulatory system, and the central nervous system.  A properly functioning BBB plays a crucial role in the normal function of the central nervous system, as it maintains a constant environment for nerve cells,  prevents potentially toxic substances from entering the brain, and provides a selective route through which substances can be removed from the brain.

In a young, or otherwise healthy brain, trauma, injury, infections or systemic inflammation can damage the blood-brain barrier, leading to the transportation of blood proteins and other molecules (such as inflammatory mediators) that can cause damaging inflammation in the brain. Aging brains, on the other hand, are susceptible to the progressive malfunction of cells that regulate BBB permeability.  This progressive dysfunction of the BBB can lead to the accumulation of toxic substances in the brain over time. Studies have shown that Alzheimer’s patients have significant increases in BBB permeability.

By analyzing contrast MRI scans of patients at risk for neurological damage, Emagix can detect, quantify and characterize locations in which BBB integrity is compromised, providing a novel diagnostic tool for vascular pathology.

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