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Scientific American: Damage to a Protective Shield around the Brain May Lead to Alzheimer’s and Other Diseases

"The blood-brain barrier deteriorates with aging, but animal studies indicate repairs can make old brains look young again"  read more . . .


New MRI method reveals that leaky blood vessels in the brain are linked to cognitive problems

"Lyna Kamintsky, a PhD student in the medical neuroscience department at Dalhousie University in Halifax, led a study of lupus patients that used a new MRI technique that can detect leaks in the brain’s blood vessels. "  read more . . .

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Scientists discover new way to diagnose neurological conditions

"Analysis of EEG patterns can rapidly diagnose and monitor Alzheimer's disease, stroke, head injuries and psychiatric conditions."  read more . . .

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Reducing brain inflammation may be the key to slowing or even reversing cognitive decline associated with aging

"Dr. Alon Friedman of Dalhousie’s Brain Repair Centre, and his research partners at Ben-Gurion University in Israel, and University of California, Berkley, have published two papers in the journal Science Translational Medicine detailing new MRI and EEG techniques to identify blood-brain barrier leaks, as well as a novel treatment that not only helps to alleviate the effects of a leaky blood-brain barrier, but seems to also heal the barrier."  read more . . .

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Halifax medical neuroscience student the brains behind ‘game-changing’ technology

"A Dalhousie University student has received a national award for her work on “game-changing” technology to more accurately diagnose brain and eye-vein injuries. Lyna Kamintsky is a PhD student at Dalhousie’s department of medical neuroscience"  read more . . .

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MITACS Award for Outstanding Innovation

"Halifax researcher Lyna Kamintsky won an award for her outstanding work to diagnose brain, retinal disorders and prevent blindness in diabetics."  

watch full Global News interview . . .



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