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Retinal Blood Flow Dynamics 

Emagix's dynamic analysis product RetiCad uses complex image processing tools to analyze standard Fluorescent Angiography (FA) tests, allowing for quantitative assessments of blood-flow, retinal perfusion, vessel permeability and detection of micro-aneurisms. 

RetiCad identifies early signs of Diabetic Retinopathy in patients, which is currently not possible using conventional approaches. RetiCad™ also enables quantifiable measurement of disease progression to enable tracking of individual patients responses to treatment. These insights can be captured both retrospectively from past and/or future clinical studies that capture fluorescent angiography data, providing unique insights to drug development teams in the ophthalmology space.


 RetiCad seeks to be the first FDA approved product to allow for quantifiable patient monitoring of disease progression.  In this way, we seek to become an important partner to ophthalmology focused drug development teams.



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