Insights into vascular health

EMAGIX developed an AI software for detecting vascular pathology in the retina

RETICAD is a decision support tool for Diabetic Retinopathy 

Every year, Diabetic Retinopathy causes millions of diabetes patients lose their eye sight. 

Many of these cases could be prevented if diagnosed earlier.

Unfortunately, today tests for this problem are expensive and time-consuming, because eye doctors need to analyze them manually.  

RETICAD solves this problem using computer vision.

RETICAD is an online software that processes test images automatically using artificial intelligence. 

RETICAD enables ophthalmologists to analyze tests:



With accuracy beyond the capacity of the naked eye 

Using RETICAD ophthalmologists can:

See more patients 

Measure disease progression in patient follow-ups

Assess the efficiency of treatments 

RETICAD automatically detects the 3 disease hallmarks ophthalmologists look for in the tests:

  1. Retinal microaneurysms 

  2. Leakage of retinal blood vessels 

  3. Lack of blood supply to retinal tissue

EMAGIX also developed an AI software for diagnosing vascular pathology in the brain 

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